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March 9, 2011

View Client for iPad out – limitatons & caveats

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So a couple posts ago you may recall I made the following statement:

There’s also a few cool bits under the hood that make it work a bit better with things like Teradici’s new firmware 3.3 for their zero clients, as well as some enhancements that will become obvious in the next month or so when another client becomes available (which I’m not sure I can talk about publicly in detail).

What I was referring to, as you may now guess, is enhancements that make the iPad client work. Please note that the iPad client (which has been posted about many times in the last few hours alone since it launched, even on mainstream tech blogs like Engadget) only supports View Agents running View 4.6 or newer. Also, while it does support the Security Server, because the iPad client is PCoIP only (no RDP support) it means if you want to avoid using a VPN on your iPad you will also need the new View 4.6 security server.

Another important note is that this signals the first time that you have seen a View client which is separately released from a particular version of View. The version number on the iPad client is 1.0.1 – not 4.6. This is the start of a larger trend around View client releases: you should see them become more decoupled from the releases of the View Manager infrastructure components.

Now I just wish I had an iPad. =)


March 7, 2011

Windows 7 SP1 support in View

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Some updates for those on the bleeding edge.

When VMware first published the release notes for View 4.6, the following line was in the What’s New section:

  • Experimental support for Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 RC operating systems

Since that time, the release notes have been updated to the following:

  • Support for Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 operating systems

This is a very important change. When the View 4.6 bits shipped and the release notes were published, Windows 7 SP1 was not fully GA (only limited availability) and therefore the official support statement had to be experimental. Once the bits were generally available, VMware updated the release notes to confirm full support. I have also personally confirmed with the View Product Manager that Windows 7 SP1 is fully supported.

Also of note: while View 4.5 does not officially support Windows 7 SP1, this KB article outlines some View 4.5 patches which will make it work. Note that while it does not explicitly call out Windows 7 SP1, the incompatibility between SP1 and View 4.5 is the same – these patches are rolled up into SP1 and therefore SP1 has this issue. Note that there are some limitations around Local Mode, however.

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