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September 27, 2010

Building ThinApp applications for View 4.5

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Some of you may be playing around with the new version of View’s ThinApp integration, and wondering why you run into this issue:

Streaming option is grayed out

You add your packages, but you can’t select Streaming. Why is this? The documentation tells you to add your packages into the ThinApp Repository along with the MSI installers created by ThinApp. What you need to do is in the package.ini file for your ThinApp application (and by the way make sure you’re using ThinApp 4.6) add the following line:
What this does is changes the MSI file to not store any files at all, but simply include pointers to the EXE and DAT files next to it. This has the advantage of reducing the space you need (because you aren’t storing the files twice, once on the share and once in the MSI), but also as you probably guessed from the name of the parameter, it makes Streaming work!
So rebuild your packages with MSIStreaming=1 and you should be streaming your virtual apps into virtual desktops in no time.

September 21, 2010

vExpert Panel from VMworld TV

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Mike Laverick, Stu from Vinternals, John Troyer from VMware and myself all did a panel discussion on the events of VMworld on the last day of the conference. You can check out the replay of it here.

September 9, 2010

View 4.5 is out – Premier includes vShield Endpoint

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Yes, View 4.5 is out, you can read more about it here on the official View blog. But there’s something important I wanted to point out that a lot of people have so far overlooked, probably because I don’t think VMware ever announced they were doing this until now. At least this is the first I heard of it, but maybe that’s not saying much.

View 4.5 Premier edition (the good one) includes vShield Endpoint protection for all your desktop VMs. This means there is now AntiVirus and Malware protection offload included with the product at no additional charge. If you already own View Premier you now get this for free. That’s a big deal!

Now that the bits are out and I can actually start posting stuff about it hopefully you’ll see some more content around View 4.5 in the coming days.

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