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June 18, 2010

The latest jerk move by Oracle

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I don’t really have a very high opinion of Oracle as a company. Their products can be quite good, and have a great following, but as a company they are very unfriendly to their customer base. You can go back and look at their spats with EMC and VMware, or their ridiculous licensing terms for any virtual environment other than OVM. But their latest acquisition of Sun has certainly been an eye opener to how they treat their customers:

  • You can no longer download drivers for their Sun servers unless you have a valid support contract (!!)
  • Oracle has ended a lot of programs Sun used to run in the education space that kept them in the game. I know plenty of EDU customers who are now looking at other options because Oracle has just priced themselves out.

The latest chapter, outlined on The Register today, is that Oracle has terminated the agreement with HP to support Solaris x86 on HP ProLiant servers. This is a big deal for customers who are looking to migrate off of Sun hardware, or who are already using HP hardware to run Solaris. And that’s exactly why Oracle terminated the agreement – it was driving people away from SunFire servers and to the competition who made a better product. The linked article mentions that Dell still has an agreement in place, but I think the writing’s on the wall for the OEM agreements with Dell and IBM, as well.

Bottom line: If you’re a Solaris customer and you want to have a future where you’re not forced into buying Oracle servers, storage, OS, and application stack just to be supported, maybe it’s time to start looking at Linux alternatives.


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