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April 13, 2010


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Recently, I had read another blog article where someone referred to the nifty tool WIM2VHD, which converts Windows Install Images into VHD files for use with Hyper-V/Virtual-PC/etc. If you don’t appreciate the time it takes to install a modern version of Windows (version 6 or later), this is a nice tool that lets you churn out sysprep’d images of Windows very easily. So how can one take advantage of this in a VMware environment?

Well fortunately tools exist to convert VHD files into VMware VMDK files. In fact, the classic tool WinImage includes the ability to do these conversions. So I decided to see if this was a viable means of building VMware images, too.

Turns out that yes, it does work fine. Unfortunately, it does take some time to do the entire conversion and so you might be better off installing the OS from scratch in your VM – especially if you have something like VMware Workstation that has Easy Install. I have attached some screenshots to show you the process. All in all it took around 10 minutes, which when dealing with ISO files is about par for the course for an OS install. Still, it was an interesting exercise.


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  1. That is really great to know! I didn’t realize that WinImage had the ability to convert the formats. I’ve had WinImage on my laptop the whole time I was use VHD2VMDK.


    Comment by Carlo — April 13, 2010 @ 2:30 pm

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