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March 16, 2010

What’s new with ThinApp 4.5

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A lot of great features I heard about for ThinApp 4.5 when I was VMware Partner Exchange have been posted on the official ThinApp blog. I highly recommend reading it.
From what I’ve heard, ThinApp 4.5 is a total rewrite of the underlying ThinApp code (which has been mostly the same since the Thinstall 2.0 days) and as you can see from the article, the list of new features is staggering for a point-five release:

  • Relink
  • Improved MSI Support (>2GB MSIs)
  • I/O Improvements for VDI
  • Memory Sharing for SBC/Terminal Services workloads
  • Startup time improvements
  • Reduced bandwidth consuption
  • Quality reporting
  • Sandbox journaling
  • Improved AppLocker support
  • Improvements to WINE compatibility

Read the full article, but this is a really exciting release! You can download it here at VMware’s website.


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