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December 10, 2009

View 4 & PCoIP – a few problems

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So I’ve been doing my first customer deployment of View 4 lately, and there have been quite a few gotchas that I’ve noticed so far…

The first, and biggest, is that I just can’t get View Composer to reliably clone machines. About 50% of the time, the VM will have an Error in View Manager that says “View Composer agent initialization state error (6): Unknown failure (waited 0 seconds) and the only way to fix it is to reset the VM manually or refresh it. I ran into similar issues during the Beta and what I’m seeing here is pretty nasty. It’s a very similar issue to what is outlined in this VMware KB article. However, the resolution in the KB article has so far not fixed the issue for this customer. The error will not clear on its own, and can even reoccur after a reset.

We’ve also had several issues with PCoIP so far. The most critical is we’ve had virtual machines lock up so bad after trying to connect to them with PCoIP that I had to kill the VM from the service console with kill -9. Other issues are that PCoIP doesn’t work with ThinPrint (so you get no printer redirection except through USB redirection), no folder redirection (which was to be somewhat expected since that’s provided by RDP), and the biggest issue is no tunneled connections. Much like RGS connections, PCoIP connections go directly to the VM. This has important implications, such as the Security Server is now useless except for RDP.

While I definitely think View 4 is a HUGE step forward from View 3, it still has a lot of things I think are pretty rough edges. Add that to a lot of the issues with vSphere Update 1 (well documented by Mike Laverick) and it looks to me like View 4 really was released too soon. That said, I think it’s a great start and bodes really well for the direction VMware is headed.

View Composer agent initialization state error (6): Unknown failure (waited 0 seconds)


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  1. Have you found a resolution to the “View Composer agent initialization state error (6): Unknown failure (waited 0 seconds)”? I am experiencing this with my pool of linked clones and it is delaying our launch of virtual desktops. Thanks for your help.


    Comment by Brad Van Horn — January 25, 2010 @ 6:46 am

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