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November 28, 2009

View 4 issue with LSI Logic controller

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So this came out during my View 4 beta testing, but I chocked it up to the drivers in the Beta being unsigned (as they often are), however this is still an issue in the final bits of vSphere 4 update 1 and View 4.

When creating a template from scratch (and sometimes after upgrading templates) using the (Parallel) LSI Logic SCSI controller (as you are instructed to do in the XP Deployment guide), you will run into an issue after creating a linked clone pool.

When a linked clone is created in View 4, a second controller is added for the additional disks (unlike in View 4). With IDE, this isn’t an issue (as the disks are added to the second IDE controller). With BusLogic SCSI, the additional controller is auto detected and doesn’t require any user interaction. However, if the template is made with the LSI Logic controller, non-admin users will be presented with a dialogue box after every View Composer operation (newly created clone, refresh, or recompose) which will ask for admin credentials to install the driver for the second LSI Logic controller.

This is a big issue as the Windows XP Deployment Guide says: “The LSI Logic adapter issued for VDI-based deployments is recommended.” They later elaborate that this is for performance reasons.

For now I recommend people either change around their templates to use a different controller.


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