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September 15, 2009

SRM + VMware View scripts

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Recently some very clever people at VMware and EMC showed off some scripts at VMworld that allows you to combine SRM and VMware View. I went to the session at VMworld and it was impressive but light on details. The good news is, the scripts are now posted, and you can grab them from my Sky Drive.

Some shortcomings of the script, however, as I see it, is that it’s really impossible to do a VMware View “test” using these. Because View has to talk to VirtualCenter, AD, DNS, and between connection brokers, doing a “test”  is always missing some components. In the VMworld presentation, they used some EMC plugins to do easy failback after their “test”, but the test itself is very disruptive to anything in production.

Big thanks to Tommy Walker for providing these scripts, as well as to the very clever authors (whose names are in the script source).


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