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September 2, 2009

VMworld session DV2801 – Integrating View into your Environment

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I arrived late to this session, but it looks like the beginning was about how to plug into today’s View product and make automated changes or fire off scripts based on events and such. The basics of it was the integration points you have today are very very limited – you have the two CLI tools (SVIConfig and VDMAdmin), log file monitoring, and editing the ADAM LDAP directly.

In View 4 new features will include an event reporting central warehouse – a database with a rollup of events from all clients, agents, and servers. It will include an event database with information on what events mean what along with resolutions, and will allow for querying using VDMAdmin or SQL tools such as Crystal Reports.

The best news though is PowerShell automation support! That makes View the 3rd product (after vCenter and Update Manager) to get PowerShell support. Using PowerShell should obviate the need to ever directly edit the LDAP, which is good because PowerShell can validate your input and will be far less dangerous. You can use PowerShell to stand up an environment from scratch, everything from global config, pairing it with a vCenter server, and making pools and VMs. You can also query the event warehouse for reporting purposes, and perform actions on sessions and VMs managed by View. Some examples:

#Set View License Key
Set-license -key AA113-XXXXX...
#Set the Pre-Login Message
Update-GlobalConfig -PreloginMessage "message"

#Update the power policy of a pool so you can preboot VMs at 5AM to avoid boot storm
Update-AutomaticDesktop -id DesktopJoe -PowerPolicy AlwaysOn
#Create a new Individual Desktop by using PowerCLI to get VM Object and pipe it to View CLI
Add-IndividualDesktop -id DesktopJoe -DisplayName "Desktop" -vm (Get-VM -name JoeVM)
#Entitle a user to a desktop
Get-User ADUserName | Add-DesktopEntitlement -desktop_id DesktopJoe
#Disconnect an active session
Get-ActiveSession -User "Joe" | Send-SessionDisconnect

This was the best news I’d heard all day. Finally, I can do all the neato stuff I can do in standard vCenter in View!

They then went into a bunch of Microsoft SCOM integration stuff which seemed pretty useless to me, and I was so buzzed from the PowerShell stuff I barely paid attention.



  1. Just found this blog of my session. Thanks for attending.

    Its good to hear that you will find the PowerShell API helpful. It should open up a raft of integrations and automations.

    I just need to point out that no release version or date was given or implied in the presentation. It sounds like you missed the early slides when this was covered.

    Comment by Frank Taylor — September 7, 2009 @ 9:38 am

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