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September 1, 2009

VMworld session DV2181 – SRM+View

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This session was a really interesting one being presented by a combination of VMware and EMC guys on how they managed to get SRM working to protect a View environment complete with Linked Clones. It involves a LOT of scripting, and doesn’t appear to work in a test, only a full failover, which makes it slightly less useful in my opinion. The real problem is you have to correct a LOT of things.

The first issue is View Composer installs on the vCenter machine, which isn’t replicated as part of SRM. So you have to copy the whole composer database over, then correct all the entries in it to match the replicated VMs. Then you need to correct the ADAM in View Manager because it will have associated the VMs with the wrong vCenter. So there’s a lot of database fixing going on here…

They demonstrated it on video and said it will be posted to the View blog later this week. I’ll take a look at the scripting, but after watching their presentation I hope for a more robust, proper solution will be available with View 4 + the next SRM version (whether they’re calling it 1.5 or 4.0 or what).

Also, I attended the DV2484 session, but it was mostly a waste of time. You can see Scott Lowe’s thoughts (and mine in the comments) at his blog.


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