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August 31, 2009

Took the VCP410 exam at VMworld

Filed under: vmware — Justin Emerson @ 10:50 pm

So like most of the rest of the (reasonably mobile and available) virtualization geeks out there I’m at the VMworld conference in San Francisco this week. Monday was partner day (no really interesting announcements today, that’s all stocked up for tomorrow and Wednesday, or so I hear) but what was available were labs and VCP exam taking!

I passed my original VCP3 exam two years ago at VMworld 2007. It’s cheap, and it’s pretty easy to fit the time in when your schedule’s already blocked off because you’re out of town. I passed with a score of 396, required score of 300. Not a bad score… The exam felt easier than the original VCP3 exam, but that may be because of the extra two years of experience.

Those of you scared of the VCP4 exam, just keep track of what’s on the exam blueprint, read the configuration maximums document, and you should be fine.

UPDATE: Eric Sloof confirmed that the maximum score is 500, not 400 like I thought. That means you only need a 60% to pass the exam… that seems very low to me, but i guess that’s how it is. That means I probably missed around 17 questions out of the 85.

August 20, 2009

Powershell one-liner

Filed under: powershell, vmware — Justin Emerson @ 10:20 am

One of my favorite blogs as of late has been Arne Fokkema’s ICT-Freak, mostly because he enjoys posting little Powershell snippets that he writes. I find these one-liners are often very educational and often very useful, so I thought I’d start doing the same.

Recently at a customer site we migrated 100+ VMs from old storage to new storage, then upgraded them to vSphere. The customer left a few VMs on the old system however, and they asked for a way to identify them at a glance and how big they were. I cooked up this one-liner to list a bunch of VMs, their datastore, and their size in GB:

Get-VM | Select Name, @{N="Datastore";E={(Get-Datastore -VM $_).Name}}, @{N="VMSizeInGB";E={(get-harddisk -vm $_ | Measure-Object -Property capacityKB -sum).Sum / 1024 / 1024}}

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