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June 4, 2009

Project Virtual Reality Check updated – RVI!

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As I noted way back when version 1.0 of Project VRC was posted, MMU virtualization technologies like AMD’s RVI and Intel’s EPT can have significant performance improvements in Terminal Sever (and VDI) workloads. It appears that in the original Project VRC tests, RVI was not used. Thankfully, the Project VRC team has updated their ESX White Paper with new results where RVI is enabled. Like I suspected, performance improved dramatically for Terminal Services VMs, so much so that even in Login Consultant’s independant testing, ESX Server 3.5 is now within 10% of the results from XenServer 5 (with XenApp optimizations turned on). I would suspect that when using ESX4.0’s performance improvements, the competition will get even tighter.

Hopefully this spurs innovation at all major vendors to improve performance!


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