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June 4, 2009

Lies, damn lies, and ROI models

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Anyone who is looking at comparing different Hypervisor platforms is certainly trying to figure out which one will give the better Return On Investment. The challenge is, everybody’s ROI model is different, and will generally favor their own product. But when a company starts using their ROI model to compare their product vs. someone else’s, it’s not hard to guess whose product will win. But in some cases, it can be a truly egregious effort. Example: Microsoft’s latest ROI calculator for Hyper-V vs. VMware. I suggest everyone check out Steve Kaplan’s excellent analysis in his latest blog post.

Really, MS? $4100 per ESX host for “Backup Software” vs. $0 for Hyper-V? What, is Hyper-V so reliable that you don’t need backups or something? You know what’s a cool backup software? VMware Data Recovery, which I’m sure you know is included in ESX Advanced, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. And why does ESX server require CALs, but Hyper-V doesn’t?

Remmeber: there are lies, damn lies, and ROI models.


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