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May 22, 2009

vSphere Tidbits Number 1

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As I play around more and more with vSphere, I wanted to post some little tidbits here and there of stuff that I find which it doesn’t seem like anyone has talked about yet.

The first cool tidbit is that the VI Client (now the vSphere Client) gives you a lot more information about what it’s doing on those long, multi-part tasks. However, if you upgraded your VI2.5 client to the vSphere Client, this area isn’t visible!

After upgrading to the vSphere Client, make sure you right click on the columns title area of the Recent Tasks pane, and check the “Details” column to make it visible. After an upgrade, this is hidden by default. Now, instead of wondering “What the heck is actually happening when VMotion is at 90%?” you can see it! For example, when enabling Fault Tolerance, you see the following subtasks:

  • Configuring the primary VM for Fault Tolerance
  • Creating secondary VM
  • Registering secondary VM
  • Preparing the VM for live migration
  • Migrating the active state of the VM

Pretty cool! Now when doing tasks like Enabling HA, you can see at which point the tasks fails.


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