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May 18, 2009

New Best Practices for vSphere?

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So, considering the big day is later this week, I’ve been going over what should be some new best practices for vSphere vs. VI3.5. With all the new features available, there’s definitely some changes to consider. For example:

  • All new systems where I/O rates matter should have a secondary disk using the PVSCSI controller.
  • Use the new Advanced VMXNet adapter where ever possible, and make sure its advanced features are enabled in your OS template.
  • Thin Provision your disks*

However, on that last one I’ve heard a few weird statements from VMware people about Thin Provisioning, like it doesn’t support snapshots. This is odd, in my testing this hasn’t been the case and then in the next breath they say VCB is still supported on Thin Provisioned VMs… which would lead me to believe that they’re mistaken.

What changes are you all out there planning on making to your best practices?



  1. The release notes indicate vsphre will use tpm to verify the integrity of binaries if tpm is enabled.

    Comment by Lucas Albers — May 18, 2009 @ 10:25 am

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