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January 29, 2009

Installable View Client hangs after connection

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I had been running into this problem during the View Manager 3 Beta and it was still hanging around, albeit in a less annoying fashion in the final version. I finally figured out what was causing this: the ThinPrint services.

After connecting to your Virtual Desktop using the installable View Client, you’ll log in, the system will start its post-logon processes, and then will just sit there and hang for sometimes a good 15 to 20 seconds. After that, everything will be fine. Why?

During this period, the ThinPrint services in the VM start up and try to connect to all the local printers on your machine. If you’re connecting from a system with 3+ local printers (local meaning not network print queues, i.e. TCP/IP port printers count as local) this process can take a very long time. It gets even worse if the printer you have locally attached is a TCP/IP printer which is missing (i.e. your home printer and you’re in the office).

Solution? Delete unnecessary printers on the system you’re connecting from, or when you install the View Client do not install the ThinPrint component.


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