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January 15, 2009

Blue Screen during W2K3 Setup in a Hyper-V Virtual Machine

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I’m planning on getting Hyper-V Certified (MS exam 70-652 if you’re curious) so I’ve been using Hyper-V in the lab a lot and I ran into this problem:

After the initial text-based portion of Windows 2003 Setup, the system would repeatedly blue screen. Turns out the problem was that you have to remove the virtual network adapter and replace it with the legacy network adapter, and then after installing the Hyper-V integration services you can switch it back.

This seems like something that the New Virtual Machine Wizard should handle for me. XenServer does this with the hard drive controller; before you install XenTools it’s using IDE, after it gets installed your boot controller switches over to the paravirtualized SCSI driver. VMware does something similar with the vLance driver. Why can’t MS do the same, especially for an OS that’s supposed to be as ubiquitous as Windows Server? It’s their OS!


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